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Welcome to the Ultimate Collector's Home Page

Hi, my name is Andrew and I'm collecting, well a lot of different things. Mostly I'm interested in sci-fi/TV/movie model kits, car and airplane prototypes, space ships and Bionicles. Also I collect some wargames miniatures, coke cans and all kinds of plates.
So as you see, I'm into all kinds of original stuff.

On this site I constantly upload some items I have for sale or exchange.

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Astroid is a fun and very addictive table-top game from Russia with simple rules and cool miniatures (45 mm). Highly-detailed figures feature easy assembly (no glue required), moving arms and they can all be painted in your favourite colours. Read the English rules

Astroid Mini Sets ($5 each)

Each set includes 2 unpainted figures with moving arms, dice (6SD), rules (russian), 2 tech sheets and ruler.

Astroid Basic Sets ($10 each)

Incl. 4 figures and everything else from mini sets

Astroid Big Sets ($25 each)

Incl. 8 figures *from 6 mini sets and first basic set*, dice, tech sheets, 2 rulers and simple to snap-together Terrain set.

Russian "Bionicles" - The Army Of Darkness

I call these toys Russian "Bionicles", because its idea and style resemble the original Bionicles. But these toys aren't blind copies of Bionicles, though details are compatible with Bionicle sets. It's a russian line of toys called The Army Of Darkness. The figures are nice, of a good quality and were sold in Russia in small quantities.

Dark warriors ($10 each)

Yellow "Bee" Warrior
Green "Jungle" Warrior

Scout hunter $12

Green "Jungle" Hunter

Warlords ($20 each)

Dark "Grom" Lord
(curr. out of stock)
Yellow "Bee" Queen
Red "Fire" Lord

Big set ($27, contains 3 figures)

Ice Princess & her guard (pretty cool figures)

All items are new, sealed, in never opened boxes. I'm selling and shipping these items worldwide. The preferred payment option is Western Union money transfer. It's fast and reliable service. If you can't use it in your location, I may accept cash.

More items are coming soon, but some may be sold and disappear. If you'd like to buy, please e-mail me at: and I'll confirm the availability of selected items, the shipping price and will send you the payment information.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or propositions.